The Easiest and User-friendly System to Manage the Medical Records


Medical Record Management

iChart provides web interfaces to create and store the medical records such as patient, problem history, admission, and operation information. The medical records are structured in the table form for efficiency.

Various Sheets Support

In addition to the operation information, detailed sheet information can be stored and extracted in iChart. Currently, CABG, valve, aorta, ECMO, TTA, congenital, donor sheets are supported.

Data Search/Import/Export

iChart provides the advanced data query function. Users can specify the target fields in the result set with the advanced query options. Data can be imported to/exported from the iChart system in the Excel format.

Hospital Work Support

iChart supports everyday works in the hospital such as daily report, weekly meeting, conference/meeting schedule management, document management. iChart dramatically reduces the simple and boring works.

Convenient & Easy UI/UX

iChart adopts the latest web technologies to provide the best user interfaces and user experiences. With the help of the AJAX technology, users can enter/retrieve data without the page refresh.

Stable and High-Performance System

iChart is built on the MEAN stack which is a popular technology set in modern web services. Linux-based iChart system supports a large number of users simultaneously without the performance degradation.


iChart provides the essential functions to manage the medical records in the easy, secure, and consistent way. See the main features of iChart below.

Patient Record Management

Admission, discharge, and operation record management
Support DX/OP code authorized by the medical society
Ordering data by name, part, staff, etc
Search data with the diagnosis/operation keyword

Sheet Information

Collect various sheet information required for researches
Possible to customize the sheet format
CABG, valve, aorta, ECMO, TTA, congenital, donor, etc
Export data with numerical encoding (MS Excel format)

Data Extraction

Supports flexible data extraction
Researchers can specify the data fields in the result set
Query data with the unlimited options (all columns)
Download the search results in the MS Excel format

Schedule/Personal Information

Manage the whole meeting/conference schedules
Meeting/seminar materials can be attached
Support paper works (information, status, etc)
Search meeting/conference/seminar/paper information

Medical Record Sharing

Medical records can be shared by organizations safely
Share the medical records with the patient permission
Security support powered by Blockchain technologies

Mobile Supports

Support mobile devices (depending on the network)
Collect IRB signatures from patients using tablet PCs
Patients can authorize the system to use their records


Currently, iChart is used in the major university hospitals to support the researches and hospital works.